Small Locking Instrument Set

Manufacturer: Boneunion Medical
Series: Small Locking Plate Instrument Kit

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Small Locking Instrument Set SPEC./QTY
Guide Wire, Φ1.5, length 150mm 4
Drill Bit, Φ2.8, with AO Coupling 2
Drill Sleeve, for Drill Bits, φ6.5/φ2.9×87.5 2
Depth Gauge, small 1
Drill Bit, Φ2.5, with AO Coupling 2
Bending Iron, left, small 1
Tap, for Cortex Screws Φ3.5, with AO Coupling 1
Torque Indicating Screwdriver, 1.5 N.m 1
Screwdriver, torxdrive, T15 1
Holding Sleeve, T15 1
Double Drill Guide, Φ3.6/Φ2.6×35/42 1
Extraction Screw for Screws, small 1
Broken Screw Extractor, small 1
T-Handle with Quick Coupling, with AO Coupling 1
Screw Forceps, self-holding, small 1
Drill Sleeve, for Guide Wire Φ1.5, short 2
Screwdriver Shaft, torxdrive, T15, with AO Coupling 1
Bending Iron, right, small 1
Reduction Forceps with Points, length 180mm 1
Bone Holding Forceps, self-centering, small 1
Periosteal Elevator, round edge, width 6.5mm 1
Periosteal Elevator, straight, width 12mm 1
Bone Lever, small, width 25mm 1
Bone Lever, large, width 30mm 1
Holding Sleeve for Torque Indicating Screwdriver, 1.5 N.m 1
Small Locking Instrument Case 1