Tibial Nail Instrument Set

Series: Tibial Nail Instrument Set
Manufacturer: Boneunion Medical

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Tibial Nail Instrument Set SPEC./QTY
TN Radiographic Ruler 1
Guide Wire, with threaded tip, Φ3.2, length 320mm 2
Guide Wire, without threaded tip, Φ3.2, length 320mm 2
Holder for Guide Wire 1
TN Protection Sleeve 1
TN Chisel, cannulated 1
Tissue Protector 1
Awl, cannulated 1
TN Reaming Drill, proximal 1
TN Flexible Drill Bit, φ12, cannulated 1
T-Handle with Quick Coupling 1
TN Reduction Rod 1
Guide Wire, with olive head, Ф2.5, length 1000mm 2
TN Insertion Handle 1
TN Connecting Screw, for Insertion Handle 2
Wrench, for Connecting Screw 1
TN Connector Block 1
TN Connector Shaft 1
Combination Wrench, SW11.0 1
Extraction Screw 1
Extractor Connector for Extraction Screw 1
Slide Hammer 1
TN Aiming Arm 1
TN Connecting Screw, for Aiming Shaft 2
L-Wrench, hexagonal, SW5.0 1
Drill Sleeve for Fixation Pin, Φ5.0 1
Drill Bits, Φ5.0 1
Drill Bit with Flat Head, Φ5.0 1
TN Fixation Pin 1
TN Stretch Aiming Arm, distal 1
TN Aiming Arm, distal 1
TN Connecting Screw, for Aiming Shaft, M6 3
Fixation Sleeve for Fixation Pin 3
Trocar for Fixation Pin 1
TN Drill Sleeve for Drill Bits, Φ8.1/Φ4.2 2
Drill Bit, Φ4.2, length 300mm 1
Drill Bit, Φ4.2, length 350mm 1
Fixation Sleeve, for Drill Bits, Φ4.2 1
L-Wrench, hexagonal, SW3.0 1
TN Depth Gauge 1
Screwdriver, T30 1
TN Proximal Aiming Arm, left 1
TN Proximal Aiming Arm, right 1
TN Aiming Arm for Cancellous Bone, proximal 1
TN Drill Sleeve, Φ8.1/Φ3.4 2
Drill Bit, Φ3.4, length 280mm 1
Fixation Sleeve, Φ3.4 1
TN Compression Screw 1
Universal Wrench 1
TN U-Clip 1
Drill Bit, Φ3.4, length 320mm 1
Screwdriver Shaft, T30 1
Tibial Nail Instrument Case 1